Vetted Fertility Resources

Laura Morrissey, RN, BSN

3 min read

When going through fertility treatment there are lots of things that you may want to know and finding resources on the internet can be daunting. We’ve done the work for you and vetted some fertility resources in some of the top categories.

Community - a great place to find local in-person fertility community events 

Peanut App - Fertility community - a virtual fertility forum and message board - virtual community - regular virtual video meet-ups, in-person fertility meet-ups a few times per year

Rescripted Community - a virtual community, forum, and message board

LGBTQ - Resources for wide variety of paths to parenthood encompassing everything from donor eggs and sperm, to surrogate, to RIVF, to adoption - Online resources and events for gay male parents or gay men on the path to parenthood

Fertility Out Loud for LGBTQ - Online resources for LGBTQ+ including fertility terms, fertility treatment options, and many relevant articles

Information - Online fertility articles and full fertility courses on a range of subjects

Fertility Out Loud - Online articles and information about diagnosis, treatment, insurance and more (ASRM) - A collection of personal stories, scientific data, and other resources about fertility and treatment options - IVF success statistics, Success statistics by clinic 

CDC - General FAQ about fertility and fertility treatment

Financial - An organization designed to help widen the access to and affordability of fertility treatment - A list of fertility scholarships, grants, and state-based fertility coverage

Fertility Podcasts

Infertile AF - Hosted by Ali Prato, an IVF warrior herself, each episode discusses a different aspect of infertility through interviews and stories from people going through it themselves.

Fab Fertility - Hosted by Blair Nelson, this podcast is a mix of education, inspiration, and all things fertility.

Egg Whisperer - Hosted by Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, the Egg Whisperer Show breaks down complicated fertility topics in an easy to understand way.

Dear Infertility - Hosted by Kristyn Hodgdon, this podcast answers real life questions from listeners that are all related to fertility and the toll of trying to conceive.

Race to 35 (Arm Chair Expert Umbrella) - Hosted by Liz Plank and Monica Padman, this podcast follows to people as they go through the process of freezing their eggs and documents their thoughts and feelings throughout the process.

Daddy2 - Hosted by Yan and Alex, a gay male couple with twin 6-year-olds, this podcast focuses on becoming parents and being parents as gay men. Each week they discuss topics with a guest. 


The Fertility Doctor's Guide to Overcoming Infertility: Discovering Your Reproductive Potential and Maximizing Your Odds of Having a Baby - 2020, Mark Trolice, MD - A great resource for fertility patients written by a fertility specialist who under went fertility struggles himself.

Infertility Lies: A Journey of Discovering Truth - 2022, Dr. Karen Snow, ND - A breakdown of all things fertility through the eyes of a Naturopathic doctor.

Ivf: A Patient's Guide - 2011, Rebecca Matthews - A great resource for those struggling with infertility that details exactly what questions are important to ask and what you need to know all written by an experienced embryologist

Movies / TV episodes

Friends From College (TV series, Netflix) - IVF

This is Us (TV series, NBC) - PCOS, Miscarriage 

Private Life (movie, Netflix) - IUI, IVF, Male Factor Infertility, Egg Donation, Adoption